Being In The Present Moment

Who cares what I WILL be doing? All that matters is what I AM doing.

Don’t get me wrong because it is vital to create a vision for my future, but it’s nothing but talk unless I do something about it in the present day. Ultimately it is the actions one takes here and now that distinguishes one’s level of success.

Also keep in mind that even if I AM doing something about getting to where I want to be, it is still being active towards where I WILL eventually be.

One good question to ask yourself is, “Am I presently taking the necessary actions to lead me to my desires or am I straying away from them?”

If you notice yourself moving further from your goals, stop and evaluate what you are doing. Perhaps you became distracted from your original intentions and just need to get back on track.

Actively being present is an integral part of the whole process. As you take each step, pour your passion into your actions. Become immersed in your passion. Dedicate some time to it. Focus your intent into accomplishing each single task at hand. Most of all enjoy the process.
Don’t even bother stressing about the future, just keep that positive outlook on the future.

As you take all the numerous steps in the process, you WILL become your desire, and can honestly say, “I AM there!”

Taking steps while being in the present moment leads you to a prosperous future.

Success and abundance to you!

Jason Ratliff


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4 comments to Being In The Present Moment

  • Hi Jason,

    I haven’t been by in awhile so thought I would drop in. I love this topic.

    I learned a few years ago about staying in the present moment. It’s just like you said, all we have is right here and right now. What are we doing that will create our future because although we have no control over what might happen in just the next 30 minutes, we can be taking those actions steps right this very moment.

    Great message and reminder for all. Thank you for sharing this one and hope you’re doing well.


  • I love that quote. I just wish more people really understood what it meant. Another of my favorites is.