Be You

be you
When entering new relationships, don’t go into them expecting anything more than what you’re already receiving within you, rather let it come as a surprise or an added blessing if they do. Naturally, you don’t need what you already have, which is a brand of love that only you and God know. Placing any expectations on your partner places a heavy burden on them that they can never live up to. As we fill ourselves with love first, we can then provide much more to those in need, rather than going into it with a need of our own, the need had already been fulfilled, from within.

Let them be themselves, and if you don’t like their true self and can’t accept them unconditionally, then don’t try to change them, they’re just not a good match for you.

Move on…

Be happy being with yourself. Make peace with yourself. Love yourself, not needing anyone or anything outside of yourself. Let God be your source of abundance that you can go to at anytime without attachment but of knowing that there is always a fountain to drink from that keeps you vibrant. The only relationship that truly matters is the one with God, and that love is always present within you.
“The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you; but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.” Conversations with God (Book 1) Neale Donald Walsch

Always be you and find someone that loves you for you,

Jason Ratliff

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