Ironclad Confidence Recorded Call

On this call we discussed confidence and the supporting elements (as below) that will move you in the direction you strive to reach…

+ Creating a vision
+ Finding your motivational factor
+ Creating a fear of loss / sense of urgency to bring about what you want
+ Why Confidence is important
+ How to use confidence for you to take action
+ Discover why you need to be competent in order to be confident
+ How having a Coach can be the game changer for you
+ Leveraging confidence at its best
+ Pay-it-Forward
+ Teaching others how to have confidence, gives you more confidence

I hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as I did in sharing it.

Jerome Ratliff

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Author: Jerome Ratliff

6 thoughts on “Ironclad Confidence Recorded Call

    1. Hi Jeff… It makes a big difference believing and knowing you can do it. It’s not the only thing but it sure does play a major role.

      Appreciate you stopping by and sharing with us.

      Jerome Ratliff

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      I’m very pleased that you enjoyed this post and the recording. Hope it was useful for you.
      Jerome Ratliff

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