Not A Single Thing To Fear

The ego is the body’s built-in mechanism that provides us with survival tools for a body that may encounter danger. It acts upon instinct when confronted with a situation that may invoke fear. The body’s instinct is to either fight or flee.

With the rationale of the soul coming into play, there no longer has to be a fear conditioned response. When enlightened to a point of realized oneness; body, mind, and soul come together knowing that the circumstances have been laid about by its own doing.

With the choice of free will, it can alter any given circumstance by its perception. It’s like when Neo from the movie The Matrix no longer had a reason to fear. His fears had actually killed him a moment earlier but his inner knowing woke him up. Without the fear he was then able to survive, stopping bullets in their tracks, on pure knowing of his true potential.

Now how can you lose fear altogether? That’s the question. It must be a complete surrendering to any fearful expectations. Not even allowing the thought of fear into the mind. Realizing that there is nothing to fear because you are completely protected by pure  faith alone. Believe only good will come out of your actions.

Fear wreaks havoc upon ourselves as it creates all the objects of its obsession.

With this said about fear, complete faith and dominant faithful thoughts can create a situation from its imagination as well. So why not obsess over a preferred outcome?

Play the scenario of your choice over and over in your head. Fantasize about all of your desires. Visualize your own happy place. Practice envisioning this experience every day. Soon with acceptance sinking into your subconscious and relaying to your conscious, the steps will be laid about in front of you in the form of inspired guidance. The only thing you need to do is go with it.

You no longer have to allow a single fear into your experience again. You will become a conscious creator rather than an allowing sufferer.

This can be quite refreshing, if you allow it to be.

Pleasant thoughts coming your way,

Jason Ratliff

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