You ARE Worthy

Work sucks, right? Only if it did not provide some sort of value, would it be completely worthless. So even if that value was that of supporting your family, that would be an extremely important reason, but yet you still may feel there is something missing from your life.

Work would cease to irritate if one was at peace with their position. So how would one go about finding their peace? There are many different routes. One could find peace with having nothing and that would be the ultimate goal, but yet there is something inside of them that has this urge to share their gifts to the world.

At this moment there is something other than work that irritates their state of mind. It’s that they feel their life has greater potential than what is currently being produced.

A person may feel that their true purpose in life is not being addressed.

So if that is true, what can be done about it?

By acting out the heart’s truest desires. By following their intuition. By living it.

1. If there is something that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, do something about it.

2. What actions can you take today to move you closer towards your goal?

3. Put yourself in a position where the probability of success is prominent. If you don’t surround yourself with positive successful people, it would make it much more difficult to succeed and not to mention it’s not always easy to do it all on your own.

4. Where can you get started on this dream of yours? Even if its the smallest thing, take that action. Like applying for a training course, joining a network, or writing a resume. They may seem small but they’ll put you on the path more than thinking about it will do.

5. You can also offer your services or talents to someone in need to get some practice. This will also get you more comfortable with living your dream.

There are many people willing to pay for a service such as the one you have to offer. It’s not just the product or service that sells, it’s the value in it that people want.

You, yourself has much value to offer. Pour your passion into your business and it will attract those seeking something valuable. You ARE worthy of it!

Have an abundant life by recognizing the talents within and share them to the world. Success will come naturally, shortly after.

Surge to greater heights,

Jason Ratliff

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