Take Your Time, Do It Right

Does being in a hurry relieve stress or create stress? Let’s analyze this for a minute. If we get there quicker, will we be relieved because we were early or made it on time? Possibly the slightest, but was it worth it?

Now let’s analyze how we feel while we are rushing. I become more agitated. I push people out of my way. My heart is racing. I fear I might be late or miss something. When I get there I am not enjoying it as much because my heart is already all wound up and I’m overanxious.

Then let me take a different route where I can take my time and perhaps enjoy the scenery better. Will I have to prepare myself a little more so I won’t get caught in a rush? I might have to, but it’s better to change my routine than it is to be all stressed out. Doing this I set the stage for a peaceful encounter.

Have a peaceful day.

Jason Ratliff

Author: Jason Ratliff

One of the best things that a person could do is live their life with a higher purpose. On my journey I have discovered what my purpose is. That purpose is to help guide people in their path of life. Whether that be advising on finding their unique calling, how to make the best out of their self, or living life with a higher purpose. I felt that it was my duty to pass on the knowledge that I learned and share it with many others so they could use it to their benefit and of mankind's. Upon my journey I was a nomad, not sure where to go or where to start my journey. I sought out help through self-help books and audio courses. One of the first books I encountered was an audio course by Tony Robbins. It taught me that the power was within me to become successful. In order to succeed I had to start taking action. Being a a nomad just wandering around led me nowhere, but when I started taking small actions towards my goals I got closer and closer to reaching, the what seemed to be unattainable, goals. It was then that I realized that my thoughts were controlling which direction I turned. Most of the time, it was my fear of the unknown that lead me. Whatever I thought was within my reach, I obtained. Whatever I thought was out of my reach, I failed. So I started changing my thought process. Why not make any goal obtainable? This was not an easy task at first as I had to break old thought habits. But just by being aware of these thought patterns, it became much easier to flip the switch at any given moment. With the help from great teachers/authors like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Rhonda Byrne, and Wayne Dyer, I am becoming closer to mastering the art of my mind. I am learning how to go with the flow, live by attraction, take actions, and conquering negative thoughts. We can demonstrate these strategies for you so you can flip the switch to your success I look forward to connecting with you! Jason Ratliff

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