How To Find What You Love To Do

Have you ever wondered how to find what you love to do?

So you think you’re not good enough?  Well think again because that’s nonsense. But what qualifies one for “being good enough?”

Is it the lack of knowledge? Anyone can get that.

Is it the lack of experience? So get experienced.

Is it the lack of money? Then find the resources.

Which one of these factors hurt you the most? Focus on that one thing and work towards gaining it – like a prosperity mindset. If you love enough of what you desire, eventually you’ll make it happen.

Of course you’re good enough. Just because you don’t currently have what you want doesn’t mean that you’ll never get it. Things take time and steps are made to accomplish them. Hold peace in being on the path that leads you where you want to go and you WILL find what you love to do.

Don’t over-think it, just do. You’ll be there before you realize it and that old thought of “not being good enough” will become “already done that.”

Take action in doing what you love. Be kind to yourself and be in love with what you do.

Blessings of Abundance to you,

Jason Ratliff

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