Self Help Radio – 10 Ways to Share Your Story

Don’t know how to share your story?

Share Your Story

No need to fret about it. Stories are shared in so many different ways and have been shared for generations. You hear stories about people’s lives in books, about people’s personal experience in their profession, their relationships and the list goes on and on.

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Your Inner Voice

Your voice is found within you.

The entertaining frog can perform the greatest ensembles when nobody is looking but when put on stage it loses its ability.
Have you ever found yourself having trouble speaking in public, performing on stage, or meeting new people, but when you’re in a comfortable setting like by yourself, in the shower, or around a select company, that you feel comfortable and free to be yourself? It’s moments like these where you are zoned in, expressing yourself freely, and with no distractions.

Anyone can do this. The talent you already possess within, so please do not doubt yourself. It’s all mental. As we become more comfortable in our own skin, being yourself becomes true nature.

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Self Help Radio – Facing Your Fears

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Love Has No Restrictions

Does true love really exist?

true love

How does one define this true love? Well if I compare it to what is written in romance novels I might become skeptical.

When a relationship falls apart, it’s not the end of the world. Somewhere out there IS someone better for you that matches you perfectly but don’t get caught up in dreaming about it so much.

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Be You

be you
When entering new relationships, don’t go into them expecting anything more than what you’re already receiving within you, rather let it come as a surprise or an added blessing if they do. Naturally, you don’t need what you already have, which is a brand of love that only you and God know. Placing any expectations on your partner places a heavy burden on them that they can never live up to. As we fill ourselves with love first, we can then provide much more to those in need, rather than going into it with a need of our own, the need had already been fulfilled, from within.

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Be Here Now

Be Here Now The universe is not far away, the universe is right here and now.

Don’t even bother stressing so much of the future and sorrow for the past. The most valuable time is the present. All heartfelt thoughts, deep desires, and caring prayers are what you are in this moment, so when you express these feelings, it is an energy that will bring forth other like-energies. In the manner of how you express these feelings is exactly how it will come back, so if there is a bit of uncertain feelings behind the thought, it will only bring you more reasons to feel uncertain. If you have pure faith and believe in it, the desire will become true. It is all in the manner of the expression, not the expression itself, but the pure feeling behind it, that will occur in that moment.

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Positive Attitudes Made Simple

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” ~ Wade Boggs

Positive thinking

For this positive chain reaction to occur in anyone’s life we must, for one moment, forget all the things we are or haven’t fulfilled. I hate to use the word MUST but this time it couldn’t more applicable. If you want to live this positive life I’m speaking about than our only option is that we must for if we don’t than we shall never live a positive life. This is the very moment you can change everything. It is said that thoughts are things and things are a result of your thoughts. I couldn’t agree more and I’ve experienced it many times over but only when I take a step back and make it simple.

This simple thinking is what I want to share with you today. Better yet, I’m going to quickly give you some positive attitudes made simple.

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Self Help Radio – How Do You Stop Procrastination

If you’re someone who constantly procrastinates for unknown reasons then chances are procrastination has become another bad habit and if you’re like many, you’d like to know “How Do You Stop Procrastination.”

How to stop negative thinking

Procrastination just so happens to be one of those things successful people, as well as unsuccessful people find themselves struggling with. However, successful people have learn the few things that separate that institute what we call, anti-procrastination methods into their life.

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Self Help Radio – Fulfilling Your Dreams

“Not Fulfilling Your Dreams will be a loss to the world,  because the world needs everyone’s gift  — yours and mine.” ~ Barbara Sher


Do you find yourself putting your dreams on the back burner? Do you know where to start to bring about your dreams to your reality? And, would you like to fulfill your dreams not only to better your life but for the greater good for all? Well, in this week’s episode of Self Help Made Simple on the Angel Heart Radio Network we dive into “Fulfilling Your Dreams“.

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See The Good In All Things

singing in the rainDo you suffer from a negative perception? How can you change this perception around?

Start seeing the good in what you’re looking at. Each time a negative thought of this object enters your mind, switch it to something you love about that object.

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