Set Yourself Up For Success

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “This is going to be very difficult.” Or “I’m not going to like this very much”?

These statements become firmly planted in your subconscious and it will accept and expect them to become true. Analyze both of these statements for a couple of seconds.

You are stating like these are factual future events. But do you really know for certain that either of these things will occur?

No, you don’t because you’ve never been there.

Reacting in this manner is setting yourself up for failure.

Your mind will interpret these statements as if you want these things to become real. Why do we do such things you may ask? From pure habit and personal experience.

Over time, you may have developed a fear of commitment, failure, or of the unknown. So your natural reaction to something new or different is to reject it.

But sometimes you have to consciously rationalize your thoughts.

Your thoughts were developed over time and became programmed to react in a certain way. Your mind has built defensive mechanisms to prevent you from moving into unfamiliar territory.

There is nothing wrong with how our brain works. It is good that we have these defensive mechanisms installed to set ourselves up for success. If we didn’t, our life would be at risk.

So sometimes you have to install new ways of doing things.

Everyone is raised from birth how to react in certain situations.

If our reaction to something new is, “stay away it’s too dangerous”, then we have to make a conscious effort to establish a new way of reacting.

Switch your reaction to a positive one. The next time a change is on the horizon, say to yourself, “This is helping me become a successful and better person.” or “I am learning a valuable lesson from this.” or “I am great at this!”

The truth of the matter is that we don’t really know how things will turn out until we find out for ourselves.

We need to experience it for ourselves!

Often someone will cross your path and suggest to you, “Don’t go that way, it’s too dangerous, you’ll never make it.”

And often as well we will believe it before we even tried it. So your mind builds up all this anxiety associating with it “what might go wrong.” By doing this, you have set up a road block.

Open your gateways to success from the perspective of looking at all situations as a growing experience and how you can benefit in the situation.

Set yourself up for success rather than failure.

Is this something you could see yourself doing?

Happy Success To You All,
Jason Ratliff

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