We Are Here To Support You

There are many people in our lives that are here to challenge us. There are people that have their own self-limiting beliefs and project them onto others because they don’t know any better. Well let me tell you this, we are here to support you if you ever need it. We are just a message away.

I believe that people like this are not only to challenge us, but to make us stronger. There are some that show you your fear and there are others that will help guide you through it. Let us be that person for you.

Where there is a doubter, there is a believer. We are one of those believers. We will make you a believer and show you your potential. We can see it very clearly.

I wish you all the best and I believe in you! Have a marvelous rest of your week.

Jason Ratliff

Promise To Self

Are you one to break promises? I’m usually great at delivering when I promise to others. Which I feel most people are, but it might be the promises to self that people have a hard time fulfilling. How can we get ourselves committed 100% to delivering this promise to our self?

It may help to have a network of support around you. An accountability partner could help. It is one that reminds you to hold to your promise. If you are in a relationship, your partner may be able to be that for you and likewise for your partner to you. You can also ask a friend, mentor, or a coach, but try to make sure it is someone that is willing to support you and is one that believes in you.

Also before making the commitment to the decision, is it one that you believe you can fulfill? What are the steps you will take to get there? If it is a goal that seems out of reach, then map out an action plan of steps that will take you from point A to point B.

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