What It Takes To Achieve Your Dreams

In order to achieve the dreams of your desire, you must give up something to achieve it. There is a price for everything. When you have given it, you know what has been put at stake to get it. When you put forth the effort, it moves you one step closer to your goal.

It could be hard work that you put into motion. Knowing that you didn’t work hard for nothing drives your determination.

It could also be paying for a service like schooling. Knowing that you paid with your hard earned money gives your efforts a cause for something greater.

When you have sacrificed a portion of yourself to get somewhere better in life you know you have deserved it and that it made you a stronger independent person because of it.

How do you know if your dreams are being fulfilled?

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Believe In Your Dreams

How is a belief formulated? From learning, experience, and accepting of these elements.

So if you want to alter your perceptions, you’ll have to study up on what it is that you want to believe to be true. Learn as much as you can on the subject.

Place yourself into experiences that will make it easy for you to accept it as your reality. Center yourself around experiences where it already became true for others.

The trick is to convince yourself into believing this accepted scenario into your life. Do whatever it takes for you to accept this new belief into your thought system. Once you believe whatever it is you want to be true, there will be no denying this truth from being created. When you believe in something it would take a lot to prove you wrong, so failure won’t even be an option.

Truth motivates one’s determination to succeed and won’t stop until it is reached.

Believe in your goals and nothing will prevent you from achieving them except your beliefs.

Jason Ratliff

Bake The Cake Of Your Dreams

Everything is designed in your favor. We might have moments when we think how miraculous everything came together and those are really fabulous times, I will tell you! But it is not just these moments when everything falls in your favor. It is also the common moment like waking up every morning.

You see, how we wake up comes from what we think about the most. For example waking up late is the result of staying up late, anxiety, stress, or worry. All these elements produce waking up late. Whether it be the alarm being unplugged, snoozing too many times, or just extreme exhaustion sleeping through the sound of the alarm, these are all manifestations of our thoughts.
The point is that there is a side effect from every thought, feeling, belief,  or action. What we obsess about in our thoughts and ways creates our future situation.

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