Create A Vision

1. Recognize What You’re Envisioning

Catch yourself when you start imagining a scenario that is any less than perfect. Visualize only a positive outcome. Why is this important? Because you might be creating something that you didn’t really want. It might be natural to ponder the possibilities of failure, but don’t dwell in the state of fear for long.

2. React Positively

You might not be able to control every circumstance that comes into your experience, but you can control how you react to each one. See yourself at peace with the environment. Give your loving acceptance to whatever the present moment presents to you.

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The Power of Setting Goals

Just setting a goal alone will do wonders for making them become reality.

Using your imagination, imagine how your ideal life would look like. Don’t leave any detail out of it.

Create a habit of materializing your goals onto a sheet of paper. Write them all out and specifically detail how you want every area of your life to turn out.

Have your major goals set at the top and create branches all the way down to the least minimal step.

Create various mini steps that will lead to the major goal at the top. Doing this practice can also help you figure out what you want to become.

After the goals are created, start taking small actions. All the tiniest actions add up and before you know it you are there.

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