40 Things I AM Grateful For

It all starts with two very simple words. Words which were spoken about in the bible. Words that have conviction for abundance or scarcity. Words which are powerful in their own right.

These two words can bring about the life you desire – good or bad. So how these words are used must be used with care.

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I Am Grateful For…..

What is there to be grateful for in this very moment? What is the gift being presented to you at this time? Is it obvious? Is it love or peace? Is it a lesson to be learned? Is it a new opportunity? You can find something in every moment if you accept it. After you have found it, you are feeling much greater about yourself.

For every cherished moment you experience say thank you. You may only have a few per day that you recognize, but the more you express gratitude for them, the more cherished moments you will see in your future.

I am beginning to believe that the key to a happy life is remembering what you are grateful for each and every day. My brother and I have been doing a gratitude exercise for 3 weeks and it has been working brilliantly! I recognize the moments when I shift to a lower vibration and in that moment I express my gratitude for whatever that moment brings. If I find it difficult to see the gift in it, I find something else to be grateful for like the breath of life, family, friends, or whatever that brings.

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