What Is Your Motivation?















Is there any easy way to achieve your dreams? This is the question often pondered by many whom have big dreams. I’ll answer this question with another question. How do you define easy? Is it stepping out of your comfort zone that seems the most difficult? Is it the act of doing this dream that seems so dreadful? If doing what you love scares you half to death then why do you pursue it? Did you forget why you love it so much?

So the question is, what are you afraid of? You could be afraid of failure, embarrassment, doing something different, or change. What is it that holds you back?

First thing, remember what you’re doing this for. It might not just be for yourself. It could be for your family, the homeless, or humanity in general. Sometimes what drives you the most is not just the self-gratification, but what the accomplishment will do for others. It may bring peace to humanity, security to your family, or health to the starving. Let this be your motivational factor, that your efforts are going towards a greater cause.

You, have made the difference, and your life has served a higher purpose. Isn’t that what you strive for?

I share my aspirations with you always with the intent to inspire. From my heart to yours, I believe in you. May you see you are blessed.


The Best Inspirational Quotes of all Time

Why in the world do we look for inspiration? Do we “need” it or do we “want” it?

Most likely you want inspiration to help you achieve your greatest desires.

What better way to learn than from those who have had the luxury of experiencing life and overcoming their greatest adversities and sharing how they have gotten through it with us.

This certainly puts our lives’ challenges into perspective.

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Enjoy the Thrill of Life

Let fear serve you by viewing it not as an obstruction in your path but as an amusement to enjoy. Fear can help you feel more alive. Think of it as a rollercoaster. Why would you choose to ride it? Because it is thrilling on the roller coaster of life. Sometimes you have to wait in line for a ridiculous amount of time, but all the while you are anticipating with all sorts of emotions. Fear being one of them but you’re also excited to experience the thrill of the ride. After you have finally made it to the front of the line, the moment of truth sets in when you board the rollercoaster. You buckle in securely having faith that you will be safe and sound and feeling protected. The next is the fun part, sitting back, letting go, and allowing the experience to take you.

Enjoy the ride,

Jason Ratliff

An Ounce of Inspiration for a Lifetime

You’ve heard the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” ~ Chinese Proverb

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