Be Here Now

Be Here Now The universe is not far away, the universe is right here and now.

Don’t even bother stressing so much of the future and sorrow for the past. The most valuable time is the present. All heartfelt thoughts, deep desires, and caring prayers are what you are in this moment, so when you express these feelings, it is an energy that will bring forth other like-energies. In the manner of how you express these feelings is exactly how it will come back, so if there is a bit of uncertain feelings behind the thought, it will only bring you more reasons to feel uncertain. If you have pure faith and believe in it, the desire will become true. It is all in the manner of the expression, not the expression itself, but the pure feeling behind it, that will occur in that moment.

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Manifesting Songs

For a long-time I searched for songs that not only get us moving, inspired, or excited but also something that works at a deeper level (the subconscious) all supporting our belief that all is great – manifesting all that we want out of life.

Thankfully I found a great song to share with you.

This is the first of many, but as we uncover more we will certainly add them here. And, if you have one or a few that you would like to share with us, I highly encourage to let us know.

So, please enjoy this and really listen to the words.

Let’s start manifesting now.

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