How Expectations Harm A Relationship

no expectationsIn a relationship, often there are feelings hurt. Why is this? One of the reasons is that there are expectations for the other to fulfill their needs. When this happens, suddenly a partner becomes dependent on the other, when before they functioned just fine. When their expectations are not met, it is taken personally and their feelings get hurt.

Love Has No Restrictions

Does true love really exist?

true love

How does one define this true love? Well if I compare it to what is written in romance novels I might become skeptical.

When a relationship falls apart, it’s not the end of the world. Somewhere out there IS someone better for you that matches you perfectly but don’t get caught up in dreaming about it so much.

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Be You

be you
When entering new relationships, don’t go into them expecting anything more than what you’re already receiving within you, rather let it come as a surprise or an added blessing if they do. Naturally, you don’t need what you already have, which is a brand of love that only you and God know. Placing any expectations on your partner places a heavy burden on them that they can never live up to. As we fill ourselves with love first, we can then provide much more to those in need, rather than going into it with a need of our own, the need had already been fulfilled, from within.

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Self Help Radio – Relationships and More

Who doesn’t want a better relationship, right?

There are times in our relationships where we wonder.

We wonder why things happen the way they do.
We wonder why we get what we put into it.
We wonder why some people have great relationships while others never seem to.

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