Stop the Negative and Think Positive Thoughts

Wouldn’t life be SO much easier if you had a stop button to STOP negative things from impacting your life?

Life would totally be different – wouldn’t it?

A conversation turn bad – press the STOP button and you’re back to your positive state. A pile of bills reminding you of what you don’t have – press the STOP button. Getting turned down for a job – press the STOP button. No more money in your account – press the STOP button.

We’d ultimately have the ability to stop the negative right in its tracks. Life would be good. We’d still experience some of the negative life has to offer which we do learn from but at the same time when it’s too much it can instantly stop it.

Alright I know you’re probably wonder. In fact I can hear you now, “Is there such a thing anyways?”

Well, an actual STOP button for negative – of course not which I’m sure you already know. However, there is a way that we can stop the negative. We do that by monitoring our thoughts or things we focus on and immediately switch to thinking positive thoughts.

It’s not easy but certainly doable. It’ll take a little effort to diligently stop the negative and switch your mind to thinking positive thoughts. If you’re determined enough you probably can master this in a very short period of time. However, if you have no desire to want this kind of change you won’t take it seriously enough. Of course I speak from years of negative thinking experience. It wasn’t after some time that I realized that I was in control and I could think positive thoughts. And, so can you.

Here’s 3 simple steps to stop the negative and think positive thoughts.

1. When you’re experiencing a negative thought – immediately stop what you’re doing.

2. Immediately start to think of the things you’re grateful for.

3. Repeat step 2 until you have completely removed the negative thought from your concscious.

Do you think you can follow these 3 simple steps? I’m confident you can. Give it a try.

Much success,

Jerome Ratliff

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Author: Jerome Ratliff