Shifting Your Mindset

Have you ever had one of those days when the smallest irritation would blow you off the handle? I sure have, and it was more than just one occasion. This time was different, I asked myself what was bothering me?

It wasn’t really the circumstances I found myself in, it was my self doubt. I was beginning to feel helpless. I was growing anxious and feared that I might be running out of time before I could do what I truly desired in my life.
The circumstances I was facing served as the catalyst to place my emotions off balance. There was a change that was desired to happen in my life right but I didn’t know if I could handle it. I had never done this before. What if I were to fail? What if I looked like a fool? What if I wasted my invested time and money? What if I fell and couldn’t back up again?
Think Of The Possibilities
Well after pondering all the worst that could happen, I shifted my mindset and focused on the greater possibilities. What if I become a great success? What if my self doubt transforms into self confidence? What if this becomes the greatest decision I would ever make? What if I can make a larger impact on the world and those around me? What if I become what I’ve always dreamed? Now that’s the stuff I liked to ponder.
For every doubt you have, replace it with faith. Pour your energy into the possibility of achieving the greatest outcome. Form a mental habit thatΒ  sees the opportunity in every situation. Develop an attitude that grows excited of the possibilities.
What motivates you more, fear or victory? Fear may push one out of desperation but it may never reach the threshold of your greatest potential. Having a positive attitude with new habits in place, begins setting yourself up for continuous success.
When you finally get through this mental setback and decide to pursue your dream anyway, you will honestly say, “I did do it! Oh how great it is to make my dream come true!”
Sending faithful positive vibes your way,
Jason Ratliff CPC

Author: Jason Ratliff

One of the best things that a person could do is live their life with a higher purpose. On my journey I have discovered what my purpose is. That purpose is to help guide people on their path of life. Whether that be advising on finding a person's true calling, how to live with a positive attitude, or living life with a higher purpose. I feel that it is my duty to pass on the knowledge that I have learned and share it with the rest of the world so they too could use it to their benefit and whomever they come into contact with. I share every part of the journey from the path already traveled, to the current path I am on, to the road that lies ahead, I thrive on sharing it with you. We all have areas in our lives that may require some tinkering. Change doesn't happen overnight, but we can either address the problem or ignore it but it will never go away on its own. My intentions of sharing the insight I have to offer, comes from love, which I am honored to do so. Sharing is in our nature, when we are sharing, we feel at peace being our higher authentic self. I look forward to connecting with you! Jason Ratliff CMC

19 thoughts on “Shifting Your Mindset

  1. Jason this IS the best decision for you. I absolutely believe in you and that this is your true calling! Way to go moving past that nagging doubt that loves to hold us back. Ever forward my friend πŸ™‚

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