Tips on Thinking Positive

How would you like some “Tips on Thinking Positive”?

You’ve probably heard, many times over about taking the positive approach to life instead of being a “Negative Nelly”. But, have you been given some tips on thinking positive that will ACTUALLY help you? Maybe you have but have they worked?

Well, here are “5 Tips on Thinking Positive” you can put to use right now…

1. Vision a positive outcome and the feeling you will have with the positive results you envision yourself achieving.

2. Spend 30 mins each day contemplating a good and positive life – focusing on what it would feel like.

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3. Monitor your thoughts and simply replace those thoughts with empowering, positive thoughts.

4. Create and recite a positive affirmation about an area of your life being sure to create some feeling around it.

5. Instead of focusing on your negative feeling, go make a difference for someone else who has the same negative feeling.

There you have it, 5 simple tips on thinking positive. You probably noticed that I underlined the word feel or feeling and the reason for that is if you don’t associate a FEELING around this, it will never seem real to you and nothing will happen.

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God bless,

Jerome Ratliff

Author: Jerome Ratliff

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