What Are Positive Thoughts

There’s something about positive thoughts that have tremendous results on how we feel and the kind of action that inspires others.

It’s probably no surprise to you by now how truly powerful your thoughts are. But, do you know “What Are Positive Thoughts”?

Well, this is what positive thoughts AREN’T…

+ Thinking “I can’t do it”

+ Believing you will never amount to someone successful

+ Speaking words of defeat

+ Being a pessimistic

+ Having no faith in anyone, including yourself

These negative thoughts can be the death of your success or living a fulfilled life for that matter. Thankfully positive thoughts can have the reverse effect, especially if you follow this simply advice.

Self Help Made Simple Advice for Positive Thoughts

To have positive thoughts one must plant seeds of success, abundance, and prosperity all while believing that all things happen for a specific reason. And any time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, learn to flip your thought to the positive side. You can always find one,  if you look hard enough.

It may not be easy to do but with some persistence you CAN acquire positive thoughts.

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Speaking words of positive thoughts onto your life for much success,

Jerome Ratliff

photo courtesy of gracepointe.net

Author: Jerome Ratliff

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