How Can I Get Confidence?

You’ve either said it before or heard it many times…

“How can I get confidence?”

Before we get into how to get confidence, I’d like you think about your life right now and do you have confidence in any area of your life? I’m pretty confident you do. 😉 So if you think about how you developed confidence in that area of your life, it was something you acquired which means you CAN do it again.

Now, where do you want confidence that you don’t have right now? Think about why you don’t have it. Once you have this clearly in your mind, it’s going to take a few simple steps so you can have confidence.

Step 1 – Learn the skill set you currently do NOT possess today and continue to apply it in your life – good or bad results don’t matter.

Step 2 – After you apply that new skill set, you’ll start to see yourself developing some new confidence.

What you’re doing here in these two steps are, you’re first learning how to be “Competent” than when you’re competent enough you’ll begin to have “Confidence”.

These two steps may sound like, “Is that really it?” Well, I’m here to tell you that is it, and it’s worked exceptionally well for many people around the world I personally know who have applied this and they aren’t asking, “How Can I Get Confidence?” anymore. They know exactly what it took.

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Let’s put this into perspective for you. Imagine…you just got a new job/business/profession and you don’t know what it takes to do the job. Well, what happens is you start to get on the job training so you can be competent in your new role, right? Good. And, as you develop more competency, what happens? You become more confident.

This same philosophy is something you can simply apply in any area of your life to have more confidence.

So the next time you hear someone say, “How Can I Get Confidence?” let them know about this approach. You’ll feel really good you shared this with them.

Much success,

Jerome Ratliff


Author: Jerome Ratliff