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If you ever look at this object called fear:

What is it about it that prevents you from moving forward?

Is it the unknown?

Is the fear based on past memory of something traumatic?

Is there fear because you’re not used to doing different things?

This is how we build confidence by facing things we are afraid of over and over until we’re not afraid any longer. If we have gotten too comfortable in our lives and constantly go through the same routine without many challenges or changes, something new can frighten us. So always stay active in your pursuit. Don’t get too settled. 😉

Confidence is something that needs to be re-acquired.

You see we were all born with it but then we became traumatized and our outlook changed after that. We no longer thrived on adventure but became cautious. Why? It might have been taught to us.

As we grow up, we witness others fail and their worst outcomes stick with us. We learn from example. The funny thing is that these aren’t always our own outcomes but somebody else’s. Our fear might have been based not on our own personal experience but someone else’s experience that was imprinted upon us. So reclaim your confidence by finding out for yourself.

Does fear serve a purpose?

I’m going to say yes but not in the way you might think. Think of fear as protection. For example if a person confronts you wielding a gun, your natural reaction would be to protect yourself. That’s a good thing because fear would serve you well, it may even save your life, but this is an extreme case. Is there always somebody with a weapon in your presence? Well probably not and I hope not, for your own safety. As a human species built with inner instinct, how is fear utilized? Fear in this extreme case was being used for your survival.

Let me give you another example, you’re standing on the mountain ledge and your fear is telling you that you better not stand too close to the edge. You’re thinking what if it crumbles and I fall? Or I might slip and there really isn’t much to do after that. What do I do?

What is something you can do to ease your fear?

One thing you can do is not stand anywhere near the edge. Another thing you can do is tie yourself to a rope that is attached to something strong. Have the right equipment with buckles fastened tightly and secure. Perhaps having extra rope or extra fastening systems to keep you safe. Maybe one last thing you can do, is attach a parachute to your back, tested and made with precise quality.

All these things I mention are preventative measures you can take to maintain your safety.

Now let’s talk about something simpler and non-life threatening like changing careers. The mind can get carried away with fear if we allow it, especially if we don’t take the preventative measures to succeed, rather than. What do we need to do first before we jump off the ledge and start a new career?

Just like repelling down the mountain we’re going to need some rope. What is rope? It’s something that is strong enough to hold on to and most likely won’t break.

So what can you hold on to that will keep you secure when you’re starting a new career or something new?

A good firm foundation to work with would be a great place to start. For example, having the education, the experience, or the knowledge. These things can provide you with the confidence to embark on something new, but they are only tools that can assist you in getting prepared to starting a new career or whatever it is that draws fear.

So if you have the tools to succeed, what’s next?

You’ll have to tie a rope around the tree. Make sure the tree won’t go anywhere and can handle some weight. Maybe the tree in your life is your current job. Well no one said that you had to drop everything that you are doing now to get started on something new. It may be wise to have a back-up plan to pay for your current expenses. You may have to make sure that you are financially sound before you can start this new career. You may have to cut some expenses so you can make it. Place yourself in a secure position so if you end up with nothing, you have a savings to fall back on.

The next step is now repelling down the mountain. That first step can be a little scary. Just remember you take one at a time. So you may have to start interviewing. You may have to invest your money to start a new business. You may have to purchase the proper resources that apply to the position, career, company, or business that you are going to start.

All this that I have mentioned is if you want to take the safe approach. It really is all up to you. You can if you want, drop everything and start over. Let me tell you I believe it really can work if you do it this way too. This places you into a position where you are forced to take action. Where you are desperate to act. You are acting more out of necessity rather than desire. It can be stressful taking this route or maybe this is something that you thrive on and yearn to take these types of adventures.

Success is not guaranteed.

Understand that you may not get it right the first time, even if you do everything right. There’s a trial and error process one most likely will have to go through, it won’t matter if they fail because one that is determined never quits. They are hungry to win, to succeed, and to accomplish. Be that determined person. The more you take action the more fear won’t even enter your mind, because you’ll become too occupied and passionate about what you’re doing to get it done. Your mindset is that it is inevitable to succeed, not that it might not happen, but it will happen.

Wishing you much courage to take that first step, because that’s all it takes and then you’re on the path to your desire.

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