Create A Vision

1. Recognize What You’re Envisioning

Catch yourself when you start imagining a scenario that is any less than perfect. Visualize only a positive outcome. Why is this important? Because you might be creating something that you didn’t really want. It might be natural to ponder the possibilities of failure, but don’t dwell in the state of fear for long.

2. React Positively

You might not be able to control every circumstance that comes into your experience, but you can control how you react to each one. See yourself at peace with the environment. Give your loving acceptance to whatever the present moment presents to you.

3. Create The Vision of Your Desire

Create a vision scenario that you will enjoy, and one that will benefit you. Have faith in the object of your desire. Yes! You CAN do it. As you ride on the positive vibes along with believing in the vision it shall only help the vision to become materialized into your reality. It is important that the vision your are creating is one that will drive you.

4. What the Vision Will Give You

Think of what the rewards will be from obtaining this goal. Paint a vivid picture with all the marvelous things you desire that come along with having this goal accomplished. Create a list of all the things this goal will provide you. Make it a fun process.

5. Practice Your Vision Daily

Envision your goals when you wake up and before you go to bed. After doing this long enough, your brain will begin to accept it as reality. Your mind will then start incorporating ideas on how to achieve it. Having this vision consciously present in your mind and subconsciously most of the time, will then begin to attract ways to achieve it. You may find the right person to help you along with achieving it. You might see something that will help you create it.

An added benefit to this whole process, is that your level of confidence will grow even greater. With confidence, actions become effortless to do.

Make your vision the best one you can imagine. You can even imagine it being simple. Give it a shot.

Enjoy your day creating!

Jason Ratliff

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Author: Jason Ratliff

One of the best things that a person could do is live their life with a higher purpose. On my journey I have discovered what my purpose is. That purpose is to help guide people on their path of life. Whether that be advising on finding a person's true calling, how to live with a positive attitude, or living life with a higher purpose. I feel that it is my duty to pass on the knowledge that I have learned and share it with the rest of the world so they too could use it to their benefit and whomever they come into contact with. I share every part of the journey from the path already traveled, to the current path I am on, to the road that lies ahead, I thrive on sharing it with you. We all have areas in our lives that may require some tinkering. Change doesn't happen overnight, but we can either address the problem or ignore it but it will never go away on its own. My intentions of sharing the insight I have to offer, comes from love, which I am honored to do so. Sharing is in our nature, when we are sharing, we feel at peace being our higher authentic self. I look forward to connecting with you! Jason Ratliff CMC

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  1. Hello Selfhelpmadesimple,
    This question may be a little off-topic, When you initially start a small business, you wear many different hats to keep things going. As your small business grows, you can’t do all of the things inside of your small business as you used to be able to. This is a great thing. The next step is to start hiring/building a team to help you run your business. The challenge is that a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t initially strong at the management aspect of their business. One condition that I see a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from is the curse of knowledge.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. There are many entrepreneurs that once worked as managers for different sized companies. In those places they pick up the knowledge to do accounting, budgeting, billing, purchasing, and all other things. If you’re looking for someone like this you may be able to find someone through networking either through social media or events. There are many hungry people waiting to utilize their skills for a greater purpose and higher success. Find a person interested in similar things as yourself so you can work well together. I hope this helps some. Have a wonderful day.

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  3. Some excellent suggestions here but I’d like to add either write down or draw your vision, and post it in a public place. Making it visible gives it form, showing it publicly means you’re committed to it and making it descriptive allows you to work out the details on how you’ll achieve it.

    1. If you would like to share this blog and take it to the next level, please do so. Anything to help others is fine by me. Thank you! I apologize for not seeing this comment earlier.

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