How to Create a Profession Out of What You Love

Nearly every human being is in search of what they are truly meant to do and be.

We often are waiting for the moment to have the proverbial door open and walla, there it is, “What I’ve been looking for.”

Unfortunately, life just doesn’t happen this way.

Opportunities tend to come across our plate once in a while. Much to your surprise, having this type of acceptance won’t allow you to experience what you were created to do.

On the other hand, if we could be more open to what is available to us today, we will see the opportunities are plentiful. They are there waiting for you.

Perhaps in your current moment you’re not feeling what you are doing is something that you love to do.

If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

A lot of people are here, right now. People are in search of their “why, their purpose, or their mission of being a human being.”

So what is it and how can you find it?

“Life can prove to be an amazing journey as well as present challenges that at times can be “perceived” as insurmountable. But is their appearance blocking and keeping you from receiving all that you were intended? Their is a “Perfect Plan” in place that enables and empowers you to attract and experience whatever you might choose for yourself.” ~ Chuck Danes

There is an excellent chance where you are seated at this moment is not where you were  intended to be.

However, what if you were there for a reason. That reason could be for you to uncover what you are feeling this moment. Or it could be someone you were meant to meet  and impact their life.

Whatever it is, they are signs or challenges which are a way of life. They are natural way of showing us the way to fulfilling our life.

But let’s assume you’ve had this eye opening experience and you’re ready to uncover what you were meant to do.

Here’s How to Create a Profession Out of What You Love

1. Ask yourself, “Is what am doing something I love to do?” If you’re answer is “Yes” then congratulations, you have found what you were meant to do. If not, then proceed.

2. Then ask, “What do I love to do that fulfills me?” Reach down into your memory for what fulfills you the most. Don’t worry if there isn’t a profession there. Just let your mind wonder and think back to a time when you felt great about what you did. A perfect way to do this is to think back when you were a kid. Reflect on that and write that down.

3. As soon as you know what it is, go out right away and experience it. See and feel what it is you like to do. As you’re doing it, feel the level of gratification you’re getting from it. Is it making you feel better? Do you feel you’re making a difference? Do you see yourself doing something like this?

4. If your answer is a resounding “YES” then you have found where your passion is. If not, go back to your memory and pull out a new one, then go experience it. Now that you found it and experienced it, then it’s time to create your plan in how you intend to transition to this. Focus on the immediate things you need to do to get you there and do it. Even if they are small, it doesn’t matter. Just do it and it will get you one step closer to your ultimate profession.

5. As you are working on your small achieveable goals to get you where you were intended to be, now you must ask the question, “How will I get paid and will it be enough for me to live the life I want?” For some, how much they make will not matter. What is important that it does pay. It can be a lot or a little. Whatever it is for you, seek out to get it by focusing in on “Is what I can provide be a benefiting factor for someone else.” If so, who is that person. This is what is called your niche market and what services or product you will be offering them.

6. Finally, market what you can offer to your niche market right now. Do not wait. In order for anything to happen, you need to do with speed. And what I mean with speed is that you are moving towards having what you want. Not sitting by waiting for something to fall in your lap. In other words, take action and take action now.

This is how you create a profession out of what you love versus going into what someone else is telling you what to go into.

Wouldn’t you much rather approach your profession this way?

Is what you are doing now something you truly love to do? If so, let us know. If not, let us know if this post will be helpful to you.

Much success,
Jerome Ratliff

P.S. If you’re new here, we would *love* to hear from you. Feel free to share your comments below. This is an open forum to help you create the life you want.

Author: Jerome Ratliff

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