Which Direction Do I Turn?

So you’re standing at the crossroads of your life wondering which way to turn. Which direction will lead towards my happiness? Well, which direction feels good?

Anytime you anticipate taking an action, a feeling generates from it. It could be a nervous feeling, which could be a good thing or bad. It could be a hateful feeling. It could be a loving feeling. It could be an angry, happy, or sad feeling.

Pay attention to what type of feeling that you are sensing to the action that you are taking, the action you’re thinking about taking, or the re-action that you are contemplating. The feeling will communicate to your mind which is the right path.

This is why it’s good to pause for one second before making a decision and think, “Will this lead me to feeling better about the situation or circumstance?”

You could end it right there. You don’t have to take that instinctual response. You don’t have to experience those sad or angered emotions. When you embrace the negative, you will stay in the negative mode until you flip around the situation by cheering yourself up somehow.

When you choose a positive or happy feeling, you can flip around the negative situation. Look at the bright side of things. How can I feel good out of this current circumstance that I am in? What’s the best thing I could do to make myself feel good about this? What can I learn from this experience? This shifts your mood to a positive state.

Your guidance lies within you in the form of feelings. Recognize them, embrace them, and take the action that feels good. Your heart will lead the way.

Blessings To You All,

Jason Ratliff

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Author: Jason Ratliff

One of the best things that a person could do is live their life with a higher purpose. On my journey I have discovered what my purpose is. That purpose is to help guide people on their path of life. Whether that be advising on finding a person's true calling, how to live with a positive attitude, or living life with a higher purpose. I feel that it is my duty to pass on the knowledge that I have learned and share it with the rest of the world so they too could use it to their benefit and whomever they come into contact with. I share every part of the journey from the path already traveled, to the current path I am on, to the road that lies ahead, I thrive on sharing it with you. We all have areas in our lives that may require some tinkering. Change doesn't happen overnight, but we can either address the problem or ignore it but it will never go away on its own. My intentions of sharing the insight I have to offer, comes from love, which I am honored to do so. Sharing is in our nature, when we are sharing, we feel at peace being our higher authentic self. I look forward to connecting with you! Jason Ratliff CMC

10 thoughts on “Which Direction Do I Turn?

  1. Hey,

    I liked that post because I actually just read a similar post by Katie Freiling where she talks about self motivation. When it comes to doing certain things that we hate to do we associate it with the emotion of pain. She turned it around and said to think of that pain from a different angle. She suggested to start thinking about whether if it is more painful to do that certain activity like calling a lead for example now, or be in the same position 2 years from now and not going anywhere. Very thought provoking.

    It’s very interesting how much our actions depend upon our emotions. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

    Erin Smith

    1. Hi Erin,

      Glad you liked the post. The idea you’re referring to reminds me of a technique that Anthony Robbins used. It was the pleasure/pain principle. Where you look at each direction and find the pain and pleasure in each decision.

      Ultimately your brain comes to the conclusion that it prefers to avoid pain at all costs but it is more drawn to the pleasure.
      What makes us not do something, like calling a lead, is the instant gratification you receive for not dealing with the stress of making the call. But if you rationalize the situation as being a long term pain by not doing anything at all, there will be much more stress in the long run.

      So what ends up being the better rationale is dealing with the short term pain to receive the long term pleasure. Rather than being tempted by the short term pleasure and dealing with the consequences of the long term pain.

      Thanks for bringing that up again. It’s always nice to be reminded of that!

      Jason Ratliff

  2. Hi Jason,

    thanks for sharing your insights. We have always some type of feelings of emotions when it comes to making decisions, for example fear or excitement. We can feel fear when excitement would be adequate and we can feel excited when it would be good to have fear.

    Oftentimes when people say:”I have fear” they say “I am fear” – far fetched or not, what do you think ?

    An important part of personal development is the realization that we have emotions, but that we aren’t our emotions. Once we are able to go this step, our emotions have less negative power and are less misleading.

    Thanks again for another thoughtful post.



  3. Hey Jason

    Your absolutely correct, we often make unconscious choices without taking into account the consequences of our actions whether it be positive or negative. I believe it also flows down to how we view our situations. Some people look at it as a setback others look at it as a setup…

    To The Top

    1. Great to meet you Charles. Our perceptions of the situation determine our reactions. You’re absolutely right, lets look at each situation as a step of growth or potential opportunity.

      Thanks for reading our blog,


  4. Hello Jason,

    Nice insights you have here. I love reading post like this that makes me want to pause for a moment and reflect. Sometimes because of our busy schedule, pressures and tension we face everyday, we tend to make abrupt decisions and jump into something without thinking first of the outcome. This is a great reminder for all of us.Thanks for sharing.

    All the Best,


    1. It’s not always so simple to make that pause, but having awareness and knowing the consequences begins that process very well.

      I’m glad you read our post! I feel you will like our newest post, if you have a few minutes to spare, check it out.

      Thank you,


  5. Wow, thanks for the reminder. If we pause for a while
    and think take a deep breath and you can choose which
    direction you will go. Very nice article.

  6. life has a curious way of reshuffling ones priority’s.

    And peoples outlook on life is a matter of perspective, personality, wants etc are all a matter of perspective, eg, I always thought I wanted to be a yacht designer, but life has a curious way of reshuffling ones priority’s, to such a point that that is still what I want but I want it as a bi-product of success, my overall goal in life has not changed however, the thought of sitting back on my yacht at 40 with absolute solidity in knowing that I earned every penny.which brings me back to perspective, if you have a crossroads and all four routes take you to equally beautiful places what makes you choose, is it a feeling that one is better, is it a selection process or process of elimination, but what if you knew the journey that each road will take you on, the prize at the end is always the same but its a matter of perspective that would make choose the route, and that is were you learn the most about people and about yourself…

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