Self Help Radio – Overcoming Failure

There is no denying it, failure can’t be avoided.

However, you can learn what is needed in Overcoming Failure. It’s not that difficult either. All it takes is a few simple steps that can get you from despising failure to accepting it for what it is.

In this weekly episode of Self Help Made Simple, we expose the world’s greatest failures and how they (and you too) can use failure as leverage to bring about their greatest desires.

Note: At the very bottom of this post (P.S. section) you will see a list of the people we discussed on this episode, feel free to read the entire thing, it’s great.

Onto the show.

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Jerome Ratliff

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P.S. Here is an excerpt from the 26 greatest people who failed in life which led them to a successful life.

26 Successful People Who Failed At First

“Not getting that promotion can feel like the end of the world, but the people on this list show that devastating failures are just another stop on the road to success. We’ve put together some of the world’s greatest success stories, from movie stars to scientists, who just happen to have experienced massive failure that could have easily made them give-up.” [Read more]

Author: Jerome Ratliff