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If you discovered this website we can only assume you’re either new to the self help world or you’re looking for some free self help tips to advance you forward in your life.

No matter your situation, we at “Self Help Made Simple” will offer you some insights in how jumping into self help can prove a difference maker for your life. Especially when we’re talking about – Free Self Help.

In order to determine where to start, you must figure out what area you are seeking to improve. Is it with relationships, your profession/career, success, spirituality, or just being more positive? This part is probably not new to you and we’re sure you already know what that is. If you don’t, feel free to visit our Contact Us page and see how we can help.

Alright, you know what you want to improve – GREAT. We’ve made it really simple for you by providing you with an array of free self help advice from the posts we’ve written over the years that can be of MAJOR help to you.

Free Self Help Posts

We’ve included here for you some different free self help links to the most useful  posts we’ve written to date…

Positive Mindset

Motivation and Inspiration



I have one more for you just in case you missed it in the menu at the top of this website. It’s a free self help audio recording and literally one  of the masterpieces on the power of thought and it’s by Wallace Wattles. Click on the link below and you can either start listening to it now or download it. It’s your choice.

–>Audio recording of the book Science of Being Great by Wallace D Wattles<–

Well…Did you enjoy those Free Self Help posts?

Much success,

Jerome Ratliff


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