When I Thank God For

There a plenty of things to not to be grateful for, but what if you focused on what you ARE grateful for instead? Wouldn’t you appreciate more things in your life? I believe so and I Thank God For that realization.

This special message I wrote some time ago reminded me of how grateful I am. And so, in this short message below I share with you how I am thankful for God (Spirit/Divine/Infinite Intelligence). This message is for you…our wonderful blog followers.

“When I wake in the morning, I take a deep breathe and thank God I’m alive.

When I put my feet on the floor, I thank God for every step I take.

When I eat food, I thank God for all of the farmers.

When I see my loved ones, I thank God for the blessing of their love.

When I meet others, I thank God for what they do.

When I succeed, I thank God for providing favor over me.

When I build relationships, I thank God for bringing them into my life.

When I go to work, I thank God for I love what I do.

When I put others first, I thank God I can make a difference.

When I am selfish, I thank God it doesn’t have to be that way.

When I fail, I thank God for the lesson.

When I see smiles, I thank God for his amazing love.

When I see tears, I thank God for others support.

When I go to bed, I thank God for another amazing day.

When I close my eyes, I take a deep breathe and thank God I’m alive.

When I know it’s time to leave this planet, I thank God I was here.

When I thought of this, I thank God for you.”

Don’t waste one more minute for not being grateful. Right now, be grateful for everyone and everything. All of the little things everyone and everything here on this planet are here to make a difference for you – I Thank God For that!

God bless you,

Jerome Ratliff

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Author: Jerome Ratliff

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  1. There is something so powerful about offering thanksgiving to our God. Without it, we can so easily be consumed by what we don’t have and all our other wants. But there is so much blessing around us at every moment if we’re only willing to take notice. Thanks for the reminder!

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