Do any of these cravings describe your health?

Want optimal health? More energy? Advice on losing weight? Want to know what products can help you with the MOST cellular protection your body needs? Want to feel and look great?

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy lifestyle? It seems like more than ever, people want to improve their health but unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do.

Disclaimer: The information that follows does not by any means replace the advice you can get from your family practitioner. Always check with your doctor before altering your diet and/or taking nutritional supplements.

Did you know that by simply altering your diet you can drastically change how you look and feel? Sure, everybody once in a while likes a juicy meal they’ll never forget. However, after you’ve had that juicy, high calorie, high fat meal later on you end up feeling like garbage. Your stomach aches, you’re bloated, and you don’t feel like putting another thing in your mouth.

Although it tasted good at the time you had it, that feeling and taste soon wares off and your faced with this discomfort.

One thing I like to do, in order to feel like I have balance is I incorporate cheat days into my weekly routine. This is what I do…Sunday through Saturday I make a gallant effort to watch what I’m eating and ensure I’m getting my balance of protein, fiber, and nutritional foods. Not to mention taking my daily pharmaceutical grade supplements you can’t find at any ordinary retail store. During this weekly period, I choose one day (not two, three or four days) I can have one meal of my choice – my cheat meal.

After I’ve had my cheat meal, I return to my regular diet. Oh yeah, one thing I want to mention is I don’t treat the term “diet” like most people do which means I’ll do this temporarily until I get to my ideal health.

Doing this will only result in defeat because you’ll eventually turn to your old ways. You don’t want to be considered a FAILURE, do you? I sure wouldn’t. So, when you commit to a diet there is no turning back. And if changing your diet is hard then follow my once a week cheat meal. If that doesn’t work for you then the least you can do is cut back your portions.

These days, we want more and more food. If we go to restaurants we can clearly see there’s an issue with portions. The plate sizes have increased and the amount of food they can fit on it is beyond what your body needs.

What has gone wrong?

The “more is better” philosophy has somehow worked its way into our stomachs and we’re paying for it. We’re carrying around more weight than we should and we wonder how this ever happened.

“Did this happen overnight?” Not exactly, although it sure felt that way. You see, one simple bad decision of what to eat today lead by another, each and every day compounds into a serious weight concern.

No problem if you only put on one pound this week, right?


That one pound each week translates into 52 extra pounds within in one year and by three years it turns into 156 pounds. But let’s just say you’re only going to gain a half a pound a week. Not as bad, right? Nope! Within three years you would’ve gained 78 pounds. That’s still a lot of weight.

If you could watch what you eat, you’ll find your “gaining weight issue”  something of the past. You would’ve finally created balance, which your body was craving for.

Now, there are a lot of reasons that lead people to gaining weight. One of those may be a direct result of an eating disorder. This disorder seriously needs to be worked out through your doctor. You’re health is on the line, that’s if you’re serious about improving your health for you or your family. If you are, good for you. Seek out the help they can provide you with. It’ll be worth it.

For those that don’t have an eating disorder but still find themselves with those extra inches around their waistline, still could use some help too. So they decide to take some vitamin supplements to help. They run over to their local drug store or retailer store and stock up on the inexpensive (best deal) supplements they can find. They start taking them and believe it’s working.

It’s really unfortunate because these supplements are worthless and it’s your not your fault either. You just didn’t know any better.

So what on earth can you do then?

This is where a little bit of research and working with a health expert can come in handy. Not only do they know about supplements but they also have resources to plug into like doctors, scientists and/or scientific studies. You should be aware that not all health experts are created equal. So be wise and always do your due diligence with the person your working with and cross check with your doctor before making a decision.

It’s simple things like changing your diet, taking a reputable pharmaceutical grade supplement backed by science and working with a health expert, that can make a big difference and put you back on track to reaching optimal health.

Your health is your wealth. So why not keep good care of it. Making changes to your diet is essential to reaching optimal health, however, you must consider to incorporate supplements into your daily regimen. Dr. Daniel Amen from his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Body goes on to say why this is key in staying in tip top shape.

“Because most of us do not get all the nutrients we need from the foods we eat, I recommend that everybody take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement. I also urge people to take a daily fish oil supplement, which can decrease inflammation and boost bl9ood flow to the brain and can help to combat depression, which has been associated with being obese as well as many other health conditions.” pg 27, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. Three Rivers Press, New York

The worst thing anyone can do is to believe into the myth that supplements and diets are worthless. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t want to look and feel younger, then I guess you’re not serious enough about your health. But if you are, then the best thing you can do is to start NOW.

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Here’s to your health!

For some great articles on health I highly recommend you visit Dr. Mercola or Dr. Amen’s website here:

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Live prosperously and healthy,

Jerome Ratliff

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