The Ultimate Power of Thought

The pure and ultimate power of your thoughts are working for you every single moment of the day.

So, if you want a fulfilling life but you find yourself struggling, highly likely your thoughts are working against you.

“How can I leverage my thoughts to give me all that I desire; spiritually, profession or relationship wise”, you ask?

Well, your thoughts are powerful sources of energy,  literally, that grow and appreciate over time. (Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s site and you’ll see how this works). These thoughts can either serve you or not. So if you have good thoughts, you will attract more good experiences but if you have bad thoughts, you will attract bad experiences too.

It’s really simple, you get what you think about and Joseph Murphy said it best in his powerful book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“The belief of your mind is the thought of your mind—that is simple—just that and nothing else.”

At the most simplest form and to understand the power of thought…

If you’re not getting what you want out of life than your focus and feelings (key word and more on this in a minute) are drawing more of what you don’t want. It’s quite different than what you had hoped for. If you find your emotions, feelings and thoughts are centered around how you don’t want “such and such” then you will get  “such and such”.

The most difficult thing (but not impossible) is to understand that your thoughts are powerful but so are the feelings and emotions you put around those thoughts.

Just think… you got a bill in the mail, due upon receipt. Not to mention it’s way more than you can afford at this time. Now your thoughts are probably wondering, why me? And your feelings are probably also sending you a whirlwind of fear, doubt and uncertainty. It’s very frustrating to say the least. You’re getting all worked up and it’s becoming very overwhelming. You have NO idea what to do.

You see, these feelings which started with a thought has the power to bring about more of which you continue to think and feel. Does that make sense?

If it doesn’t all you have to remember is what are your thoughts and the feelings you associate to that thought. And, to have the power of your thoughts work for you, you simply associate good feelings to a thought.

This isn’t always going to be easy (which I can hear you saying) but if you can just become an optimist (over time) you’ll see the silver lining hidden in your experience, good or bad. The same goes true for seeing things from a positive perspective.

To get good at this it’s going to take some time. But you can simply start by focusing on your thoughts and list out the thoughts you’re having on a piece of paper. As the day goes by, write down more of thoughts that enter your mind. At the end of the day look at all of the thoughts you wrote down. Which ones stick out to you? You know, the ones that are striking a feeling.

What I do next when I notice these self-limiting thoughts and feelings is I immediately flip switch my thought to a better thought, like something I’m grateful for. This is one of many ways but I found it be the most simple and effective.

After all, we are about making self-help as simple as possible.

Do you now see how powerful your thoughts truly are?

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Much success and happiness to you,

Jerome Ratliff

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Author: Jerome Ratliff

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