Myths About Finding Your Purpose in Life

Finding your purpose in life happens to be one of the top things discussed today.

It’s the newest rage. People all over the world are flocking to different sources all to try and “figure out” what it is their “supposed” to be doing with their life. Wonder why that is?

Well I believe there is a shift that is happening. It’s very powerful and you’ve probably already noticed it or experienced it. This has been happening for a very along time but more so in the last 10 years. I think it’s because people are finally coming to realize that life isn’t meant to be lived how we’re really living it today.

People have done what others (the 99% of excuse makers) have told them to do and unfortunately it didn’t turn out at all as they had thought. Funny thing is those 99% excuse makers are experiencing the same thing. Some doing things about it and some whom continue to make excuses.

People have figured out that there is more to life and to have a reason for what we do that matters – you know, like doing something that makes a difference for all.

There’s great satisfaction in knowing what you are doing means something and is helping others. It’s in our nature to serve. However, this finding your purpose in life is very often misconstrued in what we see on TV, the Internet, advertisements, etc. Society has come to associate “purpose” with acquiring as much possessions as humanly possible all in the hope it’s going to make them feel great about their life and happy.

Myth #1 – More Possessions Equal Better Life of Purpose

This is one of the greatest myths about finding your purpose in life. After I read the 7 Myths About Finding Your Calling on the Positively Positive website, it became more apparent that these myths like…(living in a big house, having lots of beautiful cars, wearing the best clothes, etc.)  are taking what it means to live a purposeful life out of context.

Yes, having nice things are great. I love them too, but our life isn’t about these things but more so with what we decide to do with these things.

Myth #2 – If you Follow Your Calling, Life is Going to be Easy

I agree with Positively Positive that if you follow your calling, life isn’t going to be easy.

Life isn’t about being easy – yes, simple but not easy. We complicate things, for whatever reason but it isn’t easy by any stretch of imagination. I’m sure you can think of hundreds of things that you did that wasn’t initially easy. I sure could. We somehow believe that anything we want should be brought to us in an instant.

This microwave society has warped a lot of minds into believing you can have it NOW. And there are countless things that you can have now but the ones that are harder to get are the ones that are the most rewarding. And the reward isn’t always in the end result either but rather in what you did that got you there – otherwise known as ‘your journey’.

Myth #3 – Going to College is the Only Way You’re Going to be Successful

Before I get on my soapbox about college, because I too went to college, I did want to say that college is good and it’s tremendously valuable for someone who wants a career in the corporate world.

However, college is not a guarantee that you are going to be successful. There is no guarantee that says, if I go to college I’m going to be successful. Besides what does having a job that matters to you have to do with being successful. Remember, we at Self Help Made Simple associate success to something you have in all areas of your life. Your profession/career is just one part of it.

Not to mention, there are numerous people whom don’t or didn’t have a college degree and are making a difference and successful at the same time. There is actually more than you think.

The only guarantee you’re ever going to have when it comes to being successful is that you are doing something with your life that makes a difference and also provides you with an abundant life. It’s ultimately up to you and your decision.

Myth #4 – Only Special People are Meant to Live a Purposeful Life

This myth really disturbs me at the core. All those people who have this belief that only certain “special” people are the only ones who ever get a chance to live their purpose, are crazy. Excuse me for a minute, but you have no idea what that person went through. Their life could’ve been far worse than yours is right now. So don’t judge those people. Besides, you can find your purpose in life too. It isn’t all that difficult if you just analyze your life today. Under this microscope you’ll probably soon find out what it is your supposed to be doing and the funny part is, you always knew it but just resisted it. That’s exactly what I did.

Alright, I know I’m preaching to the choir but these myths are something you need to be aware of because people are thinking it and they don’t really know what to do. They need your help. With Self Help Made Simple we want people to forget about what is and isn’t easy and instead focus on the simple things that’s going to bring about the life you desire.

On to the good news…  we have a choice with our life and we don’t have to succumb to any of the myths we shared here any longer. You are entitled to finding your purpose in life – I know it.

Do you have any myths that haunt you today or have in the past that you’d like to share? Let us know by commenting below.

Much success to you,
Jerome Ratliff

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Author: Jerome Ratliff

3 thoughts on “Myths About Finding Your Purpose in Life

  1. You don’t need to look hard enough, sometimes it’ll just come to you in a heartbeat. It may not be the thing you’re expecting or the thing you’re looking for but it’s really satisfying at the end, at least, that’s what they say.

    1. You’re right, Piper, it’s usually right there in front of you. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing with us.
      Jerome Ratliff

  2. An easy life or one filled with too many material possessions are things to be wary of. Something else to keep in mind is that a purpose is not necessarily a person or a thing, but how you fit in the whole chain of events. People tend to concentrate on what they have to do for the day and less on the bigger picture. Informative post and relevant to think about. Keep up the good work.

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