Self Help Radio – Relationships and More

Who doesn’t want a better relationship, right?

There are times in our relationships where we wonder.

We wonder why things happen the way they do.
We wonder why we get what we put into it.
We wonder why some people have great relationships while others never seem to.

Well, no need to wonder any longer because in this weekly episode of Self Help Made Simple on we talked about Relationships and more with a special guest, Brenda Slavin of Brenda is a dedicated Life Coach who has been making difference for a long time, even when she didn’t even realize it.

Brenda hit an all-time low which changed her world completely upside down. During that time she found it in her to get back up and take control of her life. Because of that decision, she’s enjoying life at its fullest and making a difference every single day.

I am very pleased to share with you her view on relationships and more. You can visit Brenda at her wildly popular Facebook Page,

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Author: Jerome Ratliff

2 thoughts on “Self Help Radio – Relationships and More

  1. Everyone’s got their own say about relationships but let’s just remember to be left open-minded on the topic and conclude that love comes in different forms and interpretations. It’s great to enjoy a discussion on relationships and how to work it out with your partner.

    1. That’s for sure Dean. When we’re open minded, we allow things to happen. Thanks for your comment.


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