What is Personal Development

Is Personal Development one of those things you only hear about from “successful” people?

Not exactly…it’s for anyone who wants to change but with one caveat.

I read somewhere that personal development was: “The process when a person develops themselves and develops others.”

Personally, that makes sense but I think it’s a little too vague. Unfortunately, that definition doesn’t cut it one bit. People want to know “what is personal development and will it work for me”. That caveat, “will it work for me” is what we’re really going to get into here.

Alright, so what is Personal Development?

Well, personal development means that a person sees an opportunity to grow and chooses to develop themselves. Which pace they grow is entirely up to them. Some take personal development like a buffet style – you go back when you want more. Then there are some that take personal development as a daily ritual – they choose each day to learn something new that they can apply in their life.

Both approaches definitely work. However, the one that is going to get anyone a lot more results (you know, the “will it work for me”) are those who choose to see personal development as a ritual. It’s far more effective the more you do it and apply it in your life to the point that you are going to see some results. Still no guarantee but far better than doing absolutely nothing.

Personal development is like acquiring a new habit. It’s going to take about 21 days before it becomes a part of your ritual. So whichever approach you take just keep this in mind.

Is this “personal development” thing making a lot more sense to you now? I hope so because it’s not a difficult concept. It’s a concept those who want a successful life adopt – including you.

Can you see yourself jumping into personal development or are you already applying it in your life?

Let us know.

Much success,

Jerome Ratliff

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Author: Jerome Ratliff

6 thoughts on “What is Personal Development

  1. As always, good timing on this Jerome. I just read an article a few days ago telling people they should take personal development with a grain of salt or they will end up more depressed and find problems if they do. Meanwhile, this was a sight on how to seek happiness?! What they failed to mention is why personal development doesn’t work for some people. It only really works when you take all of that newly acquired knowledge and apply it to your life. it. It’s putting into action all you have learned and practicing until it becomes habit. We as humans are constantly growing, developing, and evolving and consistantly are looking for ways to improve our lives. Personal development isn’t about finding lack in your life, or pushing you to climb Mt. Everest regardless of your fear of heights. It’s about discovering more about who you already are. It’s about letting your inner self shine. It’s about improving relationships, being authentic, learning tools to help end self-sabatoge, and ways to succeed in all areas of your life. Indeed the more you expose yourself to it, the more likely you are to succeed with it. In the better words of Zig Ziglar, β€œPeople often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” πŸ™‚

    1. I love that Brenda. You’re right, personal development is so much more than people believe it to be.
      Glad you mentioned Zig Ziglar, he is the best, thanks for sharing that. πŸ™‚


  2. Personal development is like having a conversation with yourself, you talk about areas that need to be developed or areas that you need to change. When you start the process, it’s only up to you to be able to give in to the development. It’s an intrinsic and interpersonal experience.

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Great analogy, spot on too. This openness to good and personal change is the starting point to what personal development can offer someone.

      Thanks for sharing and dropping by.
      Jerome Ratliff

  3. Thank you for your insight! I agree, to take personal development as a daily ritual – to a new habit – is effective and will give you positive results. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It could be as simple as doing 10 minutes of deep breathing exercises to quiet your mind, or to be truly present while driving to work etc. Great post!

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