Why People Struggle With Taking Action

We say we’re serious about our goals and success, and nothing ever happens…

Are you puzzled why you struggle with taking action?

You’re not alone. People all around the world are either working towards their goals of life while others hope for something magical to fall out of the sky and into their lap which will bring about all of their greatest desires.

For those that struggle with taking action, you’ll find these people get stuck in success’s greatest enemy. With respect to achieving goals, we often find people (including me at times) with analyzing and planning far too long than needed that it causes us to NEVER get into taking action.

Success’s greatest enemy is what goal oriented professionals call “Analysis of Paralysis“.

If you haven’t heard of this phrase and find yourself a bit worried, there is no need. This is one disease you can easy shake.

Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and many more empowering giants didn’t have this problem. Why?

First off, they made decisions quickly, and rarely, if ever, would steer away from their decision and quit. Secondly, what they all had in common was a definiteness of purpose.

With their definiteness of purpose at the core of their being, they knew exactly what they had to do even though it wasn’t an easy ride. They knew taking action was the next best solution to fulfilling their definiteness of purpose. They couldn’t see any other way, especially because quitting wasn’t even an option.

You too can have definiteness of purpose…check this out to get yourself some >> definiteness of purpose.

With your definiteness of purpose embedded into every fiber of your being, now it’s time to get you some simple ways to inspire you to take action…

1. Think of the good the taking action will do for you.

2. Believe that every step (action) you take is serving a specific purpose.

3. Rather than being overwhelmed, get some help from an expert and have them show you the way.

Now, can you confidently say you have ‘enough’ to get you into taking that first step? Tell us what you think by commenting below.

All my best,

Jerome Ratliff


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Author: Jerome Ratliff

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