How to Visualize Your Dreams

Whatever IT is that you would love to do but are too afraid to start, think of how fun it would be doing it! Imagine how great you would feel living it! This is how to visualize… first think of how much greater your life would be or how much of a positive impact this will make on others around you. This may not be just about you but about all the people you will encourage and inspire to follow their dreams.

Where you stand right now may be a peaceful state which is a very good thing, but if you’re the type of person that strives for greater things, then go for it! Secondly, if you really want to make a greater impact, be the change you want for the world by setting the example.

I know you all have dreams, they’re saying “Come and get me!”  There’s nothing wrong with the pursuit. Your pursuit alone can save a life or turn it around. Trust me on this. People would love to read about your story. So many spirits will be lifted from it all because you now are putting to use how to visualize your dreams.

Sending you lots of encouragement to fulfill your dreams.

Jason Ratliff

Author: Jason Ratliff

One of the best things that a person could do is live their life with a higher purpose. On my journey I have discovered what my purpose is. That purpose is to help guide people on their path of life. Whether that be advising on finding a person's true calling, how to live with a positive attitude, or living life with a higher purpose. I feel that it is my duty to pass on the knowledge that I have learned and share it with the rest of the world so they too could use it to their benefit and whomever they come into contact with. I share every part of the journey from the path already traveled, to the current path I am on, to the road that lies ahead, I thrive on sharing it with you. We all have areas in our lives that may require some tinkering. Change doesn't happen overnight, but we can either address the problem or ignore it but it will never go away on its own. My intentions of sharing the insight I have to offer, comes from love, which I am honored to do so. Sharing is in our nature, when we are sharing, we feel at peace being our higher authentic self. I look forward to connecting with you! Jason Ratliff CMC

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